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Video Scripting

Knowing what your message should be can be challening for most people.  So we solve that challenge by having in house copy writers to script your video.


Video Production

Our team can produce many types of videos that will highlight your business in the most effective way.  We are not limited to one style of video, we can get it done.


Video Distribution

Having a video is just the beginning, knowing where to place your video so you can get the most eyes on it is the challenge.  Don't worry, we solve that.


Video Hosting

The last thing you want to do is host your video on platforms like youtube who will show videos of your competitors in the "suggested videos" category.  We solve that by hosting your videos on our own platform

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Why Video Is The Perfect Medium 

When it comes to attracting new customers, it makes sense that video content is effective. It combines visual imagery, sound, and extras like effects or text headings to paint a fuller picture of your concept than any one component alone. Plus, since video is dynamic, it grabs attention better than static images or walls of text. 

In order to attract new customers, this combination of attention-grabbing media and a clearly explained concept is key, making video a great choice. Video often means that viewers can see your product or service in action, preemptively answering questions they might have had and demonstrating real-life applications. This is great for driving purchases.

  • Viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when obtained via video. (Social Media Week)
  • Video ads were the #1 way consumers discovered a brand they later purchased from. (Animoto)
  • 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media. (Animoto)

The Social Media Effect

There are so many social media channels that can be used to promote your product, service, or brand, but there is no question that using video can absolutely give you an advantage over your competitors.  The truth is that if you aren't using videos on your social media channel, your competitors are!  Here are just a few stats that support such a bold claim.

  • 60% of consumers who made a purchase from a brand found out about them on social media. (Animoto)
  • Tweets with video attract 10x more engagements than Tweets without video. (Twitter)
  • Content on LinkedIn designed for silent viewing is 70% more likely to be watched all the way through to the end. (LinkedIn)


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Successful Brands Using Personalized Video


Zumba Fitness

You have probably heard of Zumba Fitness before, it is a health and dance-fitness brand.

For the Zumba's annual Instructor Convention the marketing team decided to take insert a custom video into the convention's email launch.

The results on the campaign were good enough to make anyone happy, the metrics the campaign was able to achieve include:

  • The highest click-to-open rate for any Zumba Fitness promotional email at 50%
  • An average of more than nine minutes on the video landing page
  • Users with more than 700 views of their video

Secret Escapes

Secret Escapes is a flash-sale luxury travel company offering hot deals in a variety of worldwide locations and experiences.

They had steady traffic and high click-through rates but they realized that they could take their conversions to the next level by personalizing their landing pages to the visitor.

The results were promising. The personalized experience has resulted in a positive lift for all of their KPIs. For the New York keyword they saw the following increases after running the test for 140 days:

  • Clicks to sale from listing page: +24.4%
  • Clicks to purchase page: +30.4%
  • Completed purchases: +210%




Domino's is the second-largest franchised pizza chain in the United States

The idea was to create a landing page that would make customers arrive at a site that shows a presentation of using Domino’s application on a phone or a tablet. After seeing the instructional presentation, the goal is to users will download Domino’s Pizza app on their phone or tablet for an easier way to order their food.

The results were amazing the expected goal of app downloads was successfully accomplish

Brain Shark

Brainshark, is a cloud-based B2B service for training, sales conversions, and marketing, their business model is to attract customers with a low barrier to entry by offering a freemium product.

The issue with the strategy was converting those prospects, particularly freemium users into paying customers.

The goal was to get the prospect comfortable using the product and smooth out any of the bumps that stopped them from enjoying the product to make easier to convert them into paying customers, this campaign has directly led to several key metrics:

  • registrations (from content downloads and webinar offers) increased 15%
  • Free trial sign-ups for the enterprise product increased 150%
  • More than $1.1 million in the sales pipeline influenced by effort.


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Tell Your Story Visually

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